Near miss by A. Klesath

Heart pounding, beads of sweat trying desperately to stay in place, I can hear my heart beating in my ears, it is climbing in my throat threatening to take my breath away and my muscles begin to tense. I try to consciously relax my shoulders, I begin to breathe in deeply, please don’t let my body betray the activity going on inside. Must appear calm, breathe deeply, in and out, relax the shoulders, do not appear afraid; he must not know he has the upper hand. He is standing 10 feet away, yelling, cursing, threatening, my hand rests on the telephone. Breathe in and out, relax the muscles, pay attention to where he is standing, disregard what he is saying only what his body is doing. Time stands still I glance to the left, a girl is cowering on the floor, Damn! Another girl is to the right of me, 10 feet away, standing, about to say something, please say nothing; don’t set him off more. Breathe in and out deeply, rest the muscles, appear calm. I can’t run, I have two people I am responsible for, I must take care of this. If he takes a step closer I will call 911 “Are you done or do I need to call the police?” He smiles, teeth showing it appears more like a sneer, like a wolf showing his teeth, he turns and walks away, the girl to the right follows him, “No, leave him be damn it!” “But he might want to talk.” “Leave him be!”


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