Blank Pages by A. Klesath


So I was wondering why sometimes I get writers block and why the blank page is far more terrifying than being out in the middle of the ocean treading water. I stare at the blank page, white and near blinding, and with fear consuming me, I cannot put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

I go back to a time when I was in the eight grade, a friend of mine wanted to utilize my way with words to write a nasty letter to her boyfriend; whom she was mad at. I helped her write this letter, in fact, it was my hand that held the pen and wrote the words. I did not know this boy and did not feel like the words I wrote meant anything; I was just playing with the words. However, the power of the written word was a lesson I would never forget. Those words cut deep in that young boy and he gave the note to the principal. I was suspended for two days for those words I wrote. Even though i did not know the boy nor was I capable of understanding the depth of hurt I had inflicted; I learned that the pen is mightier than the sword.

To this day a blank page scares me because I know how powerful they can be whether I write something hurtful about or to someone or if someone rejects my words and thinks what I have to say is ridiculous. So blank pages scare me and I have learned that I must find a way to over come this fear or I will not be able to accomplish what I desire which is to paint beautiful works of art with my words that empower and entertain. Or at least catch someones attention and make them think.

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