The Change Must Come From Within by A. Klesath

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I hear about this “change” that must happen, however it is another thing in my life that doesn’t sit right. The change everyone is so happy to talk about is something that no one really comprehends. The change is an intangible object, surreal and imagined, believed to be outside of ourselves and if this change happens everything will be at peace. If we all just grasp this imperceptible change then all will be well. Not true! The change must come from within each one of us. It begins with a deep searching and slowly a realization will come across that will at first bring us to our knees, but then it will begin to shine, slowly at first then with a great clarity. One must change on the inside before any amount of change will happen from the outside. It is not us against them. It is not republican against democrat, black vs. white, gay vs. straight and on and on until one cannot see which way is up.
It is time to stop pointing fingers and making demands. It is time to stop and take a deep look within. We are all connected, whether we want to admit it or not. We must all take a look at ourselves and what we truly want out of the world. This has to be done without outside influence via the media. We must understand how we as individuals can make a difference. This is done by changing our perception and waking up the sleeping giant that hides within us all.
The world has been turning into a cesspool of anger for so long now and the messages have been getting so mixed up that all we know is that something must happen. We somehow believe that if the next person would just see what we mean and do what we say then all would be well in the world. However, how can this happen when we don’t truly know what this change is and what it means in the whole scheme of things?
The truth of it all is so intertwined between lies and half truths that the reality of it all is hidden. It is hidden within us; not without. We are so confused by the misinformation that we feel anger and fear which in turn creates frustration and powerlessness. The time to look within is upon us and however frightening it may be, it must be done; to make a change. The change that brings peace. The change and understanding of the truth has to come from within and it has to come with grace and without prejudice.

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