A Funeral Wish by A. Klesath

Jackson 045 (Medium)

At my funeral I hope there will be music and laughter. Tears may fall, but many of those have to come from too much laughter. Remember happy memories, ones that make you smile; never mind it if is because you are laughing at me or with me. Know that I love you and I hope that it is a happy memory the last time you saw me. Forgive me if my last words were not kind.

Try to remember that today may be your last and live accordingly, even though life may throw us a curve ball forcing us to forget how amazing this world really is; try to savor happy or merely peaceful, quiet moments.

Try each day to see beauty in something, whether it be a warm sunny day, a beautiful sunrise on a snowy morning, a lady bug that hitched a ride on your arm, a puppy leaping through the snow, the purple and red in the evening sky, the sage brush blowing in the wind, the contrast of white snow and blue sky, the frost on the window pane, a smile on your child’s face, your husband walking through the door, the twinkle in your brothers eye, the laughter of your sister a thousand miles away, your father’s ability to love unconditionally, your mother’s pride seeping through her voice on a telephone, whatever it is, find beauty in something every day.

Don’t be afraid to get hurt, you will never learn how to fly if you don’t trip and fall a few times; don’t be afraid to jump in the water without checking the temperature; let the rain fall on you and soak you to the bone; talk to a stranger, you never know what kind of amazing story they have to tell; learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to make more; love with all your heart and show them who you really are, we are all flawed; don’t be afraid to chase the wind with blind abandon; climb to the top of a mountain and scream passion to the wind; listen to music and let it flow through you; breathe deeply and relax.

Life is short, but not so short that we don’t have a lot to learn every moment of every day. Live each moment with passionate abandon and learn from every thing you encounter.  And finally, remember me often and I will never truly be gone.

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