Why be miserable? by A. Klesath


Why would one choose to be miserable? In life there are numerous obstacles and occurrences that cause us grief. But why would any of those obstacles force us to remain inside the pain of those circumstances? In the instant of the situation, one must endure and push forward. What I have learned and have to remind myself of is that pain does not last forever; unless of course, we choose to embrace misery and let it devour us.

I hear people ask, well what do you do? You keep moving forward. Keep moving forward until you overcome the obstacle. And when it seems like every time you try the same obstacles present themselves then it is time to turn the corner. Reevaluate the situation and climb inside of ourselves until we can start to see a different path.

Sometimes climbing inside of ourselves means seeing parts of ourselves that are ugly and things we would rather not know. But the only way to grow and climb out of the muck is to look at our choices and find out why we make those decisions. Whether it is in a job we hate with coworkers and bosses that irritate us or in a relationship that is destroying our sense of hope. It is in those moments where it is vital that we climb inside of ourselves and find out what makes us crave those situations and then decide what we can do about getting the things we want.

I have friends who watch self help speakers and new age gurus who say put what you want out there and you will get anything you want. But what they don’t say is it takes work, lots of work on our part to get those things we want. We have to learn to embrace the ugliness inside ourselves and learn from the ugliness around us to find a way to change before we can ever hope to make a difference or get the things in  life that we desire.

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