Balance by A. Klesath

Sometimes I like to climb inside myself to hide. I seek shelter from the world I find to be confusing. I feel safe inside of me; warm and protected from the elements. I don’t want to say a word because that would mean I would have to acknowledge that this world affects me. Speaking would mean that I understand the bombardment of forced understanding in a world that makes no sense. Frustration with material wealth; forcing me to conform to a standard of living that gives me no peace.

In nature, I find quiet and tranquility. I walk a long a mountain path and feel peace. It is the only time harmony envelops me. Nature makes sense to me in a way that the material world cannot. I hold on to the believe that nature is something so sacred and beautiful that it needs to be protected and nurtured. Nature provides us with the very air we breath, the shelter we seek, and the food we eat. Yet the materialist world in which we live is set on devouring and destroying the very hand that feeds us.

For me, it is vital to find balance and peace to stay sane in a world that makes no sense. I know when I am really struggling I can’t control myself and my impulses.  I find that I need to head towards nature faster than I can speak. I need to sit and force myself to remain calm. We are so bombarded with deadlines and ridiculous policies that we forget to focus on the human element. We forget that we are human and are directly related to nature and in nature there is calm and peace.

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