Who Do You Want Me to Be? by A. Klesath


Who do you want me to be?

A maiden all-forlorn, lost inside of myself

A damsel in distress longing for you to embrace me

A muse to dance for you, or

A beautiful princess who is waiting for a prince?

What than— do you wish me to be,

A frailty for which you can mend, when I am broken?

A strong and willful me, who can cry at the drop of a hat?

I am not any of these and this is why you fear me

You cannot write me in a book or paint me on a wall

You cannot hold me in your hand or pet my head and tell me I am pretty

You cannot understand me because you cannot see me

I am strong and powerful


I can be as gentle as a summer breeze or as powerful as thunder

I can be as playful as a dandelion or as fierce as a spring storm

I am everything and nothing

I am woman.

I am woman!

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