If I So Choose by A. Klesath

I cannot change the way in which the world tears at your soul,

With meaningless mirages of miracles.

I cannot taste the sun’s warmth with fists clenched.

I cannot feel the moon’s rough exterior with my eyes closed.

If I so choose,

I can fill myself up on arrogance and greed,

 embrace the filth of ignorance

and be horrified by the filth of humanity’s hatred

If I so choose,

 I can be mesmerized by a child’s innocence as

she captures the wind with arms wide open.

Or dance with an angel in the darkest night

If I so choose,

I will change the world in which I live

I will make it better

I can dance with the innocence of hope

Knowing I have the ability to love with my eyes and arms wide open

If I  so choose.

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