Definition of Normal by A. Klesath

There are multiple facets of the self. These can be broken down into how society views you and how you view yourself. In every encounter in life we are expected to ascertain a situation and react or not react to it. We are asked to conform to societal norms created by manifestation of the self, based on a perception of morals and values. Each society has created their own norms and it is based on the most powerful individuals identifying how they want to control the population.

The current world constantly bombards us with images and ideas of who we are supposed to be. There is a pressure to conform and resist anything that is perceived as different or wrong. An invisible force created by illusions of the self-created by people whose perceptions are skewed by an idea manifested inside a need to control nature.

Each of us has a slightly different concept on how and when to conform. At times, a large portion of us react to forced conformity by committing crimes against societies perception of right and wrong. There are varying degrees of right and wrong and just about every human being has broken societal norms numerous times throughout their lifetime. We base these decisions on basic human needs, emotions, and survival. Each person has different needs at any given time based on their internal and external environment.

Society gives these crimes against societal norms labels in order to categorize and control individuals they deem different. In a world so full of labels it is hard to even know what normal is. The definition of normal varies by the degree in which one conforms to the rules of society without complaint. Normal is conformity to societal norms.





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