My Favorite Place by A. Klesath

Standing on a precipice looking down

I close my eyes and lean forward

The wind rises up and pushes me back

I am alone in a world of confusion

The wind surrounds me and holds me in place

I am in the dark with my thoughts

As if I were on a train and could not stop

I made mistakes

They eat at me and devour my soul

The wind holds me in place

Breathing in and out slowly

I am determined to forgive me

As the wind stops and I fall forward

I must find a way to hold myself

To love myself and not let go of me

Wrap my arms around myself

I scream passion to the wind

And step away from the edge




1 Comment

  1. As this new reality persists, my broken heart and mangled mind try to resist, this current illusion where trust doesn’t exist.

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