Sunrise in the Desert by A. Klesath


Walking along the desert floor, after a summer rain, my senses are enhanced. The clean, sweet smell of juniper, sage and pine awaken my spirit. Behind light and shadow colors emerge, yellows, blues, reds, white, and pink sweep the sleep from my eyes. My heart beats faster as I climb the steep ravine to catch the sun. Gentle breeze tickles my skin, teasing me to move forward. I look down at the rocks contemplating my next step. The animals created the path I walk on and as I look ahead the path narrows along the cliff edge. My fear of heights is always with me like an annoying friend who makes my head spin when I am near the edge. But I keep walking, focusing on each step, mindful of my breath and my balance.As I watch the ground below me I realize my spirit, like the desert floor, is raw and windswept. Pieces of me are being taken with the wind and disappear from sight.I turn and look behind me, watching the sun blaze across the mountains, casting light and shadow. Some things are seen and some are hidden.  Our past casts shadows on us that create scars, some so deep we fail to notice their power until our repeated actions cause us to fall down again and again.

The sun is past the horizon now and it is too bright to look at so I begin my descent. Peace is in my heart as I look at the red desert floor and watch the wind take the top layer of dirt. I know my spirit can handle the shedding of skin which leaves me raw momentarily while I learn new skills. My journey in nature allows me to replenish my spirit and release my fears that fly away with the wind.

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