The Past Prevention by A. Klesath

The past is like permanent marker on the carpet. When we acknowledge it we want to get down on our hands and knees with soap and water and make it disappear and as we are down on the floor scrubbing and washing we notice that it will not go away. It stays there like a shadow haunting us; preying on our nerves. We continue to scrub and as we do this, the carpet around it begins to get soaked and the spot looks darker than when we started. When we are finally tired and ready to give up we stand, look at the spot, and decide to turn away. We decide to go on with our lives and every once in a while we notice it and as time passes it seems to fade. Nevertheless, every so often, it starts to nag at us.

The past is our teacher and our friend. It is when we finally step away from it and look at it, as it is; we find that it has changed us. We are tired of letting it annoy us, frustrate us and prevent us from moving ahead. So we decide to find the beauty in it, the artistic quality and character that it has created within us. Finally, we look at the spot on the carpet and realize it was not as big as it seemed. Besides, the rest of the carpet has started to match from all the traffic, and we finally can sit down, relax, and savor the moments we have left.

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