Wake Up by A. Klesath

I wish to rip off all my clothes and have the icy rain pour down on me.

Wake me from my slumber!

I wish to scream passion to the wind and wake all who are sleeping.

I wish to inhale all the coldness around me and exhale only warmth.

I want to dance with my eyes closed and open them to sunshine and warmth.

I need to embrace the wind, yet I can only feel dust and debris.

I wish to not feel alone in this icy realm of fictitious lies and moral deceit.

I cannot breathe sometimes in this world

I am stifled by the secrets and the way, in which we hide our selves; behind ourselves for fear, we might be found out, that perhaps someone might find out who we are and what we really feel, but what is the harm in that?

Fear stifles our very existence, our reason for being; we are human!!!

We are not perfect, we were not made perfect, and yet we are forced to become an image of perfection; to breathe in and out lies, and to believe these lies to be truths.

What harm is there in being human, truly human, to cry when necessary, to laugh hysterically as a child being tickled, to laugh freely when the need arises, to run naked in a field of flowers, and  be uninhibited, unchained by fear.

Run naked, run laughing, run wild and when you are done feel alive!

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