Remain in Hope by A. Klesath


Hope is what we have when surrounded in darkness.

Hate is what we have when we are blinded by the lies.

Light inside can force the shadows to run

when we relent

Perception of the truth is power.

When faced with our greatest fear

We can choose to rise above it,

or climb inside ourselves and be directed by the power of fear

 We have  to ride through the pain,

through the shadows of ourselves.

In all its horror

to see the light

we must crawl through the dark

Faith is what we hold

as we ride through nightmares and lies.

Hope is what we have

when all else is lost.

The light inside burns brighter

when our fears subside

to let love prevail.

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  1. Bridger T says:

    I hope some day,
    In a better time and place,
    That someone in your life
    Will lift you up.

    I hope someday,
    In the sunlight’s softest rays,
    That you will glide your way
    Back through this town
    And I hope someday you come around.

    I hope some day,
    On this side of the waves,
    That you will say
    This is the perfect place.

    And I hope some day,
    Before you fully go away,
    That you will find some
    Patience in the Proud
    And I hope someday you come around.

    Everywhere I go,
    I know I’ve been going about it all wrong.
    It’s in the palm of her hand-
    It’s the promise land-
    But everywhere I stand
    It feels like the sunlight
    Is falling down on another.

    I hope someday
    You’ll slow down enough to say,
    You’re all I think about-
    Cause you’re all I think about.

    I hope someday,
    By some Amazing Grace
    That all this time spent spinning will slow down
    And I hope someday you come around.

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