Truth and Lies by A. Klesath

I am not listening as you jam the knife into my veins,

as you bleed neglected lies

and tear at forgotten truths.

I rise above it.

open my eyes to beauty,

inside my soul.

No conscience

No connection

Trial by error

My love runs deep.

Denial cannot oblige

Close my eyes to lies,

Open my eyes to beauty

As I danced with the devil in the pale moonlight,

I fell to my knees

Clutching my stomach,

Blood dripping from my mouth.

Painful truth

Spilling out lies,

One by One.

Still clutching my stomach,

So many lies

truth is still hidden.

Raise my eyes up to the sky

Blue light shimmering, behind clouds overflowing.

Let the water pour down on me

Wash the blood

Wash the lies

Leave the truth

Heal the scars.


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