Mirror by A. Klesath

I looked deeply inside your eyes

And lost myself-

I saw my reflection in all its beauty and all its flaws.

I fell into the abyss

Ripping and tearing at the waves as they crashed upon me


I looked to you for solace and found more pain, more sorrow

More reflections, more rejections

I fell upon my knees

Begging for mercy and found none

Ripping and tearing old scars, old wounds

crashing wave upon wave


When I felt I could take no more-

I looked into your eyes,

And found more pain, more sorrow

I surrendered

Upon my knees with aching in my chest

I looked down and saw my heart upon the ground,

My tears dripped upon the still beating heart

Crashing wave upon wave

Reviving, Regenerating

I picked up my heart,

And with chest ripped open,

I placed my heart back where it belonged

But left the opening.

I could feel where nothing was felt before

Riding through the pain,

I could feel the joy

I saw the light I had blocked behind the wall,

Moving past the pain, the scars, the sorrow

I found solace

Inside myself

I found love

Inside myself

I found peace

I looked in your eyes and now,

I see only you.

Inside you

I give you solace

Inside you

I give you love

Inside you

I give you peace.

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