Panic Attack by A. Klesath

Heart racing

Mind relentlessly

Reeking havoc-

calm vanishes,


in its place-

No known cause

Ripping and tearing

Teeth clinching-

Crawl on the floor

begging for mercy!

Just get over it!

Make it stop


Forcefully attempting to stop the mind-

endlessly tapping

tap, tap, tapping

hair pulling

eyes watering-

Rage against the thoughts

waiting for the morning sun to rise again

Absolute insanity!!

Heart racing-

Mind incessantly tapping

Begging for mercy


grasping at objects nearby

Wanting it to stop

Make sense

Let go

Deep breath

Calm breath

Staring at the clouds roll by-

Force words on paper

until peace finally comes to

surrender once again

to the endless sea of confusion.

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