Choose Love by A. Klesath

I watched the sunrise this morning. Inspired by the beauty around me, I contemplated, as the light stretched across the scattered clouds with a glorious red, orange glow. I noticed the blackness surrounded the light but the light still persisted through the darkness to fill another day.

Throughout history we have chosen to battle, fight, and kill in the name of justice, God, and vengeance; yet more violence is created. So I thought if anger spreads and turns into violence what would love do? If love has the same amount of power as hate what would happen to the world if love slowly started to spread like the light from the morning sun? Would the world be a better place?

The conversations that persist in the world is a constant demand that something should be done, and someone should do something about it.  Maybe if we hire a better leader and/or complain about every move they make as if we were powerless to make a change then maybe, if we wait long enough, something will happen. Who is the someone and what is the something?

Well, you see, I had to get up in the morning, in the dark, groggy, and tired, wipe the sleep from my eyes to see the morning sun. I had to move and open my eyes and heart to the beauty I was blessed to see. So I realized that in order to make the change that I can see in my vast imagination, I have to get up, get moving, and love. Love every moment of every day.

I choose to love even when fear and anger rise up to injustice, I have to choose love. Because maybe, my small glimmer of hope is that with small bits of love rising out of me and hopefully other people it will spread like the morning sun.

Maybe it is wishful, romantic, thinking but I choose to believe that the way the world has been needs to stop, and not with violence and hate, but with simple love of self, family, friends, neighbors, strangers and enemies.

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