Wise Beauty by A. Klesath


She stands, staring at the wind for which she cannot see.

She smiles as the breeze tickles her skin,

hair twirling across a deserted sky.

Some days she climbs inside to seek shelter from the storm.

Other days she is slowly breathes in the essence all around.

Touching the bark, she feels safe,

comforted by the sound of the leaves

fluttering, connecting, spinning, falling.

Embracing the tree she feels his strength.

She remains steady back to bark, eyes closed.

She asks him, “Can I be you for a day bending, twisting, roots penetrating earth and holding on as the world pushes and pulls me?”

Grounded to source, connected to light, the tree stands steadfast as the world slowly spins.

She asks, “Can I be the wind for a day and run wild across the earth, gently on some days and wrecking havoc on other days?”

Her answer comes slowly, as she feels the spinning, connecting vibration rise up inside her,

feeling peace penetrating, comforting.

With eyes open she slowly climbs out of her self and stands to begin again the journey towards the light.


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