First Accept the Self by A. Klesath


Love and fear cannot reside in the same space.

Like fire and water; one cannot exist while the other is strong.

No war should be fought in the name of love.

Nothing beautiful was created by fear.

Fear has the ability to destroy everything and everyone it touches.

In the moment we choose fear over love we have lost.

When we choose hatred or violence instead of love we fail.

Love is such a simple concept, yet it is muddied in the water as we flounder to gain control.

Love means no control.

Love merely exists in every thing that we do not fear.

It resides in everything we do not judge.

We cannot own it because the moment we do it disappears like  water in our hand.

When we love in its truest form we are surrounded by a calm surrender.

Fear forces love into the shadows where it remains until we find a way to love ourselves.

Complete acceptance of ourselves allows us to move forward instead of remaining paralyzed by judgement through fear.

When we love with our whole being, with our heart wide open and no sense of fear, it is the moment we can climb the highest peak, sail the fiercest ocean, and embrace each other with no judgement.


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