No clue by A. Klesath

There are moments in life I fail to speak

My head grows heavy and my knees go weak

My heart can’t decide whether to roar like a lion

Or lay down with the lamb and sleep.

What insanity exists that can deny loves tender kiss?

-for protocol and truth dismissed.

In life each of us are connected; not dissected

How can we deny the truth, when it resides inside our own reflection?

And so I stand alone, my feet firmly planted in the sand.

when I speak it is not the lions roar I hear

But merely a mouse surrounded by fear.

For when love is lost there is only room for hate to instigate,

preventing the light to perpetuate.

Shedding layer upon layer of indoctrination that clouded my soul,

I saw the truth that was hidden from sight.

I have a voice that is not weak

I have a heart that wants love to seek

A future exists,

One where our souls never dissect,

and hearts are encouraged to connect.

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