Wolf Moon By A. Klesath


Quiet morning as the moon gets gently covered by the earth.

Slowly my eyes adjust to the loss of light.

I close my eyes to get a feel for the world around me, spinning.

One by one stars appear,

In darkness there is light allowing me to connect as the night air penetrates through me,

Shooting stars fly across my line of sight wishes for peace and hope.

As the darkness reigns, the stars cast light to hold the promise that we are not alone.

In the moment the moon turns red, I hear them, quiet at first then in unison they sing,

The sound, the music, an ancient melody seeps through my skin straight to my heart

A profound understanding of a language that was lost,

as if we are all one, I am overcome as tears stream down my face

Love surrounds me, healing and energizing my soul, I know I am not alone.

a connection was lost but now is found, my feet are standing on solid ground,

as roots seep slowly into the earth and my spirit stretches to the sky,

I remember what was lost in translation.

I can see light through darkness,

what was once shrouded in fear is gone and I am no longer afraid.

my heart expands to connect to the song of the ancients,

I fall to my knees, grateful for the experience,

a gift of connection that was once lost but now is found.

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