Twin Flame by A. Klesath

Naked, exposed

left me, not neglected.

Found a way to see myself

inside another.

Once I thought I was drowning

So I let go

Found I was standing on solid ground

without a sound

you were there standing next to me, yet I could not see

I thought as I tried to explain no words came out

So I let go

without a sound

I found you, inside me as if you were always there.

I stood myself up and opened my eyes understanding what you mean to me

Striped naked, striped bare.

Exposed like a mirror, I saw me in you.

My skin began to peel as it ached and burned,

With each breath, I felt death

So I let go

I lay on the ground, protected as tears began to fall

without  space

You near, your back against mine

 together as my body began to disintegrate.

So I let go

The rain began to fall, cleansing my spirit as you faded to background

My skin began to heal, slowly as the sun shone through cloud scattered sky.

more pieces fell from me even as the new me grew.

I could see from the inside out, who I am all about

Love was rising filling holes that once were filled with dirt

With each new breath, I found life

My skin started to begin

I found me in you, my muse, my strength, forever connected.

So I let go



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