You and Me by A. Klesath

You think this is some perfect world in which we live;

but we slip, we trip, we find we get lost at times then we get a grip.

A thousand centuries have come to pass, yet you are still near me.

A letter worn; but not forever.

Imperfection, forcing direction; creating infinity times ten.

So show me, show me, once again, how you do that trick!

My heart will spin and I will always be with you in the end

To begin.

Fear, my only contender, in the dark, may break your heart, but not in the light of day;

A promise for this moment and every moment after is a truth of happily ever after.

Tomorrow cannot be promised, but a now is always truth.

I promise right now, I will not fail.

As I said before love and fear cannot reside in the same space

So you see I am here, standing, my heart open, my arms spread, waiting for your embrace;

with the promise that now  and every now after my heart belongs to only one.

No fear to blind, no shame to hide behind,

My love of you is true, and in the end it is you and always you.

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