Believe in the Impossible by A. Klesath

There is talk all the time regarding acceptance of each and every race, nationality, creed, sexual preference, etc. and that is not what I am here to talk about. We are all human and live in this world together.  If you want to know how we became seperated we cannot point fingers at one race or one group of people, it starts with all of us; one choice at a time.

When we are five years old we go to school and are separated by our age. We sit in desks all in rows in a room shaped like a box with windows; if we are lucky. We are then divided carefully through our abilities ever so slowly; smart kids here, slower kids here, athletes here. In the state I grew up in we were separated by religion; one main religion and the rest of us all lumped together. We were then defined by what we preferred based on music, clothing, intelligence, and athletic abilities.

Then we grow up. We end up staying with the friends we know or attempt to find more. In the world I grew up you can’t just walk  up to someone and say hey lets talk and hang out. There are rules; unwritten but plain as day. We have to have something in common to relate to or see ya later.

Now imagine a different world, the one that I believe many of us desire deep in our hearts. We begin by changing perspective and start to be open to a different way.  We don’t need to have some connection via politics, style, religion, etc. in fact we don’t have to agree. We came from different backgrounds and my view is different from yours. We have to find grace and respect. It’s okay that you don’t believe the same thing as I do. Let’s talk about it and with patience I can learn a new perspective and still be me; no judgement just interest and understanding.

Someday I hope we learn to see through love filled eyes and accept our differences; our uniqueness and our sameness. We begin by stopping pointing fingers and blaming. Just let go and accept our imperfections and mistakes to move forward. Let go of the past and rise above the filth and decay of a society which needs to change. If we can take anything from the past it is that war and hate are filled in the history books with very little love. We are capable of great deeds. By letting go of a past and not repeating it we can begin to believe in the impossible and make it real.

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