Imagination is Everything by A. Klesath


John Lennon said it best when he told us to imagine a better world. As human beings we have great power, yet for centuries we have lived under the belief we are powerless. We fail to understand that fear controls us and prevents us from growing. We have the intelligence to create a world of peace; yet we choose to make weapons of mass destruction. Sadly, even when we grasp this concept we cast blame at everyone but our self; creating the endless cycle of helplessness.

In my life, I have gone through bouts of depression, so bad I couldn’t get out of bed; it took forever for me to learn that I was the one creating the mess. Thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than any weapon on this earth. I told myself every day I wasn’t worth anything and every day I believed it. I told myself I had no power that the world was a bad place and I had no power to change it. It wasn’t until I learned to stop and check myself that I found out how much power I truly had. I began telling myself I was beautiful, strong, intelligent and worth everything to me. I found a way to love myself pushing back fear and in the process I found I had power. All of us have this ability and strength.

A weapon can sit gathering dust and finally dissolve into the earth; it is anger and ignorance that allow it to rise up and destroy. It is fear designed to kill that removes our power. Each one of us has tremendous power with our thoughts and beliefs. We can create beautiful landscapes, bring life to desolate environments and fill the world with hope. It is fear and ignorance which create doubt allowing weapons in all forms to destroy. We allow ourselves to feel powerless and deny beauty, hope, and peace.

It is time to stop and check ourselves, realize that we are not powerless. It is when we choose love, hope, peace, and dissolve fear, anger, and ignorance we create a world as beautiful as John Lennon imagined.


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