Mis’d-step A. Klesath

KIMG0760.JPGOne night, on bent knee, you called to me,

It was so dark I had to feel for thee.

Standing barefoot upon the sand,

I reached out with one hand.

Feeling for you, I listened with my heart.

No fear, that it would be torn apart.

I knew you were there,

My blind eyes did not care.

My soul understood what we could create

Even though thousands of years separate

Thrust into a foreign world to experience life.

The pain, the grief, the strife,

Could never destroy love we felt,

The connection was there as I knelt.

you were there, your touch, your smell

Your presence I could tell,

Was always with me, even through separation,

I never felt desperation.

Trust I could find you,

Faith that our love remains true.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thomas Klesath says:

    I was unable to “Like” wonder why?

  2. jimklesath says:

    oh well on Safari i was successful. Not on Chrome.

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