Technology Needs a Rest by A. Klesath


When I was a little girl and got scared I would go to my brother’s room or I would take my stuffed animals and crawl into the closet. I could always find comfort from my brother, since he had a calmness about him that made me not worry. When he wasn’t available the safe haven of the closet was my sanctuary. I could be in there for hours talking to my stuffed animals and living in far off distant planets. How my mom could find me I never did figure out.

As an adult there are times when I would like to crawl back into the closet and hide from the world. Instead I attempt mediation or walking in nature. I find the calmness of nature inspires me to believe in a world that hasn’t gone mad. I try to believe that all this build up about war and death is maybe peoples way of coping with fear; and since crawling in the closet with stuffed animals isn’t for everyone we deal with stress through anger and frustration.

I don’t live in a major city but when I visit one I feel the tension. There is no space for breathing, no place to hide for just a moment to get peace. It is a constant move forward.

I found that space and peace is what I needed as a child and what I need as an adult. I think all of us need space and a time out once in a while to get perspective. How does one do this in a world so full of distractions and a need to get things done now, not later? Can we find peace in a hustle and bustle city? Is there a way for us to slow down and just breathe?

I don’t believe there is one sole reason people are harming each other these days but I do know that without calm there is no peace. We weren’t made to run around attached to gadgets busily trying to survive. We were designed to savor the moments, create beauty, and above all else love. Yet we are so consumed with an unknown fear that we can’t move some days.

I am not the first to suggest we shut off technology once in a while and pay attention to the world around us. Technology is consuming us and filling us with fear. We can read about everything going on in the world and it can seem like the whole world is going to hell but if we turn off technology and look around we find that the world isn’t all bad. When we start looking at people and making eye contact we find that a smile can appear in them and in us. The connection between humans and nature is being disconnected by all this technology and it is time to put the distractions down and look at each other. It is time to find a place to be where we can be calm with the sounds of nature or silence. It is time to find perspective.

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