Daily Prompt: Restart



Restart is something we do when our computer stops working properly. It is something simple we do when all else fails; just restart and all will be fixed. We live in a world of instant gratification which we like to believe is progress; but is it? Is it really progress? Are we expanding our consciousness or are we contracting?

I was blessed to be given grandparents who taught me the value of respect and hard work. I was shown that things don’t  magically fix themselves. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I never thought much about the things I was taught when I was young. I just wanted to live my life and enjoy all the luxuries that life had to offer. I simply gave respect and worked hard if I wanted.

Have you ever watched water begin to boil? First, there appears to be nothing happening then small bubbles appear and then more and more until they start to speed up and in a frenzy they start to get bigger. If you don’t balance the temperature all hell breaks lose and the water boils over till there is nothing left. Then we have to restart the process all over again. Well that is what the world appears to be doing right now. There are little bubbles boiling up everywhere and without attention the whole thing is going to boil over. Or maybe it is already too late.

My family was the first to teach me respect. I understood there were different kinds of respect. There was respect  you automatically give to authority, there was respect I gave to my parents, there was fearful respect I gave to people who scared me, and there was admiration respect. Sometimes I questioned why I had to respect someone of authority when they were cruel. I wondered about respect and learned that it had to be earned it wasn’t always freely given. As I got older and began to listen to people I worked with and the media I wondered what they meant and what their definition was. when I would hear myself and others say we deserved respect and even demanded it at times. Did I deserve respect when I didn’t come into work on time and complained about everything? Did I deserve it when I said mean things about my coworkers? I realized I did not deserve respect because I wasn’t even trying. In the world I grew up in there were winners and there were losers. I understood that I lost because I didn’t practice running before the race I just got up and ran. The winners were respected not because they won but because they worked hard to get there. An athlete does not get a beautiful body and  talent simply because of their body structure and genetics. They get there first with a desire and then with a tremendous amount of hard work. A beautiful building, garden, painting, scientific discovery does not get made by magic it gets created and sculpted by an idea and then hours and hours of hard work.

Something happened in this world, something seems to be lost and we need to restart. We go to the grocery store and buy food, we break something we replace it, we don’t even think about what went into the creation of our food, our clothes, our homes, etc. We just consume and go about our day. Every one of us deserves to a happy and have beautiful life not because we are entitled but by our choices, desires, and goals. We are deserve respect when it is earned. I can’t say I always respect people I had to learn to respect people by looking at them and seeing life from their perspective. I learned to step back and see their efforts and look into their actions.

So restart, and see things from a different perspective. Turn off the media and look at all people as human deserving of respect and understanding.

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