Shackles on Turtle’s Back by A. Klesath

Break the mold-bust the shackles,

Scream passion to the wind!

Lost on top of a mountain,

shrouded in clouds of material possessions,

blinding us into madness.

In darkness we bleed;

In light we are bound,

Lies lined up as beautiful gems, distracting our focus.

A shadow in the corner of our eye, it slips, we trip,

something shiny grabs our attention;

Run with it!

A hunger, never satisfied,

we dine on dirt covered in frosting and sprinkles.

Wake up with eyes closed;

Walk with it!

Once united now shadowed in lines of greed.

Breathe in beautiful!

See the sun rise, warm your shoulders, touch your forehead

Awaken the memories!

Clouded in fear, we are not alone

even as we scream in silence.

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