Mindless Typing by A. Klesath

Dancing across a naked skyline,

forever bending forward;

Mindless animation-

forget the task at hand,

why are we here again?

Forever lost in continuity;

Cannot grasp the night,

when daylight is long forgotten.

For in darkness, we seek insight,

and in light we pull the blinds.

Can we seek a better way?

The old way seems to be blown apart.

take a breath and move forward with tentative steps.

In dreams, time and space don’t exist,

In waking world we focus only on time and too much space

In a world without borders – without political division;

will we collapse or expand into infinity?

Building illusions – behind institutions

Medications inducing hallucinations

Masking pain behind delusions.

Step out of the box which has grown to small

Expand into a far off distant land.

Where division does not exist

and we are allowed to sit,

as we bask in the sunlight

and we have no need to fight.



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