Please Listen, Please Hear by A. Klesath


A great magician knows how to deter the audience from seeing how the magic trick works by diverting attention. Right now we are being distracted to the real truth. We argue politics, semantics, religion, and sexual orientation; which sadly can rise up to murderous rage. However, we are not arguing about depleted soil, starvation, polluted air, rise in cancer rates, and needless death all around. We don’t mention what is going to happen to the future, except to argue and pointing fingers at others.

We wake up every morning with blinders on and pretend that the truth doesn’t exist. We turn on our lie box and we get worked up emotionally about things that do not matter.

We fail to love ourselves which is why we get offended when someone does not treat us in the imagined way we think they should. We fail to love each other when we do not give them understanding and compassion. We fail every day when we do not fight to heal the dying earth.

We fail to mention our sad and lonely state as we lie on social media about how spectacular our lives are or how offensive someone was in Hollywood or politics. Movies, tabloids, electronic media aren’t real. We feed into it everyday and fail to look at the person standing next to us at the bus stop, restaurant, store, etc. We cannot see the person’s pain right next to us because it is our pain as well, so we continue to get worked up about things that don’t matter and fail to open our eyes. We cannot see that the children that represent our true selves are running straight into a burning building with no one to stop them.

I have to believe there was once a world where people loved each other, embraced each other, respected each other. I need to believe that there can be a world where the anger, hate, and violence will stop and we will shed our belief that it is us against them. There is no them! There is only us. We are all human, all share the same air, the same soil, the same water. We are all looking in a mirror and the reason we hate is because we hate ourselves. The reflection is our own soul looking straight back into our own eyes. We have to love our selves and shed the outer layer which we have built up over time through lies and deceit. This is the only way because when we truly love ourselves the arguments we were having will not matter. The talk will move towards healing.



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