Good News, the End of the World is near . . . . A. Klesath

This morning I read that Friday is the end of the world. It is related to the full moon lunar eclipse. Even though I have heard this many times before, I took this news as a great relief. I don’t have to go to work on Monday, I don’t have to fight the grasshoppers as they completely devour my garden, I don’t have to worry any more about paying bills, buying over priced food with no flavor, and insanely over priced gas.

I had to ask myself if I have done all that I wanted on this journey through life. Have I traveled to all the places I have wanted? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Have I jumped out of an airplane? Uh, no, as my father sighs in relief:) Did I write a children’s book and fantasy novel? Working on it, ha ha. Have I told all I have wronged I am sorry? I would like to think so, but probably not. Have I loved and been loved? Hell yes! Have a fallen to my knees in absolute anguish and gotten back up? Absolutely! Have I learned from my mistakes and tried not to repeat them? Yes! Can I leave this earth knowing I have done everything I could to make it better? No. Am I doing everything I can to make this world a better place? Sadly, no. Am I ready to leave? Hell no!

So if the world doesn’t end on Friday, will I continue on my path blindly walking, wondering what I am doing processing insurance claims? If the world continues on Saturday morning, will I wake up thinking I need to make a difference in this world however small? I sure as hell hope so!

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