Narcissistic Fate by A. Klesath

Like a spider in a web; I am caught up in your lies.

Sticky, ooze penetrating through my fate.

Finally I can see the light!

But the web is too thick and I cannot break free.

I see the power you have over me

Helpless from my naivety; I could not comprehend

Moment of clarity!

I am bound and determined to set myself free.

The degree to which you go has no boundaries;

and your lack of insight into your own soul is profound.

I listen without emotion and I can finally see the power you have over me.

But like a sticky web, the more I fight to get out the stronger the web becomes

and the harder you hold on to what remains.

I see the light!

I take a deep breath and slowly unwind; one thread at a time.

Analyzing each thread, I untie the knots.

You  can only see the image you have created in your limited mind.

Never an apology could come from your lips,

only blame which you spew out without a second glance

I pray for you every day and hope you find a way to love yourself.

To do that you must see your own reflection; the real true one that you refuse to see.

You are beautiful!

I pray that some day you will be able to strip away the layers of lies and deceit;

and find a way to rise up from the ashes of your former self.

The manipulative display you use to gain your perception of power,

and attention is unfathomable and most do not see it.

But my dear one, I see it clear as the sun and know that I  need to set myself free of the chaos that has ensued.

I need to find a place to put you in my heart but protect me from insanity.

I am sorry that you have no idea what it is like to be loved unconditionally.

I pray someday you will experience profound love that rises up and can spread to all those around you.

But until that day comes I need to break free for my own sanity.


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