I Lived, I Loved, I Laughed by A. Klesath

We come into this world naked and unashamed and then something happens. We live in a world where fear rules all and judgement is the norm. As a child we are teased when we fall, make mistakes, wear the wrong thing, say something weird etc. We are taught to conform to a norm that does not exist. Not one of us, when we leave this world can say I never made a mistake, I never looked like a fool, I never hurt anyone. Yet, we will gladly point fingers at others when they fail to live up to an illusionary standard. We point fingers and sigh with relief that the spotlight is not on us. Well I say enough! I know that I have fallen flat on my face, have said the wrong thing, worn the wrong thing, laughed when I should have cried, and I have hurt the ones I love.

I have been unable to walk in this world naked and unashamed as I allowed the fear that surrounds me control my every move.  Recent events in my life have shaken me awake and forced me to take a step back. I have looked at myself in all my naked glory and found that my shit doesn’t smell like roses! However, I have learned through the shedding of my multiple layers that I am beautiful in all my flaws. All my mistakes have given me scars that remind me what it means to be human.

We come into this world so full of love and admiration of a world so full of beauty. Sadly, that is slowly taken away as it is covered in dirt and shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we can find that inner child that screams for love and attention. We just have to shed the fear that binds us, confines, and locks us into the lie. We have to acknowledge that we are okay when we fail to live up to impossible standards. We have to stop judging ourselves and those around us. We need to learn to love what society calls failures in our genetic make up and stand up to the bully that lives inside each of us.

As human beings we have the ability to make great changes in ourselves by loving ourselves completely. When we can look out our mistakes as lessons and not be afraid to be naked and unashamed we can change our world from a world consumed by fear and judgement to a world full of compassionate creators.

Even after all my failings I still want to walk in this world with an open heart and I want to gracefully leave this world knowing I lived, I loved, and I laughed naked and unashamed.

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