The Promise by A. Klesath

Heart spinning, mind racing, no spacing

I cannot pick you up from the darkness you have become-

you have been here before and you will find your way out the door.

When hope glimmers, shimmers in space behind solid ground-

I am here as you have always found.

This hole is not real; not made of steel-

merely surreal.

 Find the light in the dark,

as it fades, then sparks!

 just reach and embrace; this is not a race.

You can achieve,

what you seek, when your heart opens and you believe.

Live this moment as if it were your last; don’t gasp!

Gather hope that surrounds abundance profound.

Stop, then focus as patience sees light.

Confusion and mistrust will wither and turn to dust,

As endurance equates to fate.

Rise up, even as each step seems like agony,

you become free as you see and don’t fight,

one step becomes two, three, and four until you finally reach the door

and open to the breeze cooling the burning inside your heart.

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