Love Never Lost by A. Klesath

When we lose something we are attached to our heart seems to break and we immediately close ourselves up to protect the heart from completely breaking. We close our eyes as tears stream down our face and we think we will never open our hearts again. We confuse attachment for love so many times in our lives that sometimes I wonder if the pain we feel is the illusory strings we attached to the person or animal.

Our heart breaks because we cannot see or touch them again; but that is not true. Yes, maybe in the physical sense we won’t feel them, but in our hearts, where love truly resides, we can expand the love we feel and hold them in our hearts forever.

I think the loss we feel is physically painful because we have attached a hold that is not real. Real love is an ever-expanding, unattached energy. This love can never be lost and in that realization we never lose. It is when we let go of attachment and the belief that only holding them will relieve the pain that our heart begins to heal. We can see the love as what it truly is an ever expanding, infinite energy that never dies, never holds on; but expands and grows forever.

I miss the people and animals in my life that are no longer with me here; but I am eternally grateful for the gifts they bestowed upon me and the love they gave me. For them, I open my heart and will love them forever.

Here is to Uncle Bob, Uncle Joe, Grandpa Walter, Grandma Lola, Grandpa Earl, Grandma Eleanor, Smoke, Bean, Jasper, Lucy, and Ollie!

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