I Wander by A. Klesath

When I look into the sea of possibility and the angels come to get me will I be able to say that I have seen and done everything I wanted or will I stomp my feet as a child and say I am not done playing?

Will I take all of what life has to offer and say that I am complete and have need for nothing or will I cry and beg for just one more minute?

At this point I have to say I have just begun discovering the wealth of possibilities this life has to offer.

I have learned how to raise my frequency to a more peaceful place, to focus on living in the moment and leave the past for reminisce and the future as an endless pool of possibilities.

I can see a better future and much of this happened by turning off my television and not listening to mainstream media which is always trying to pull me down to things I cannot change nor control; as if it is a cesspool of sadness and despair.

I can start to see the clearing, past the wool that has been covering my eyes. I can remember the dreams I had as a child and feel the joy I once had starting to bubble up from my middle like butterflies reminding me of better days and better ways of believing.

I have been told many things throughout my life. Some I breathed in as truth and some I filtered out as lies; yet the only real truth is what is inside my soul, my world I create with the things I know in my heart as real.

I used to believe in negative things and negative things were brought to me in abundance; now I believe in endless positive possibilities and I am ready to jump into this energetic pool we call life and see just what I can manifest.

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