New Year Rising by A. Klesath

Moment to moment I breath in slowly trying to comprehend this crazy world that exists outside of my minds eye. Written language can be so limited in its ability to transcribe what I feel, see and understand. For instance, the beauty of this morning with the sky so blue and the snow so white, I felt the crisp and bitter cold, but realized how glorious as the frozen earth takes a silent nap. I cannot decide whether to stretch my arms out open wide or cover up and sleep with the earth.

Finding frequency and balance has been my goal this past year and I have found that as I focus on the here and now and not worry about past or future I can feel the vibrational energy inside my cells as they rejoice in knowing that right now everything is okay. My eyes can interpret the world around me, as I focus on the beauty that surrounds me; the energy of life, the connection so grand. I can attract positive aspirations and surrender to happy joyous energy.

I am reading a lot about vibrational energy and love being the primary focus of life. I feel like a completely different person than I was three years ago; as if that person was someone else or some distant part of me. I feel like I have stepped into another dream where each moment is a blessing and the old me of worrying about everything and feeling like the world had power over me is  gone. I am no longer a passenger in this life, I am the driver. Even though I have yet to start the engine to move forward I feel like basking in the simply glory of life is enough. To love and send love out every moment of every day seems more important than anything right now.

I used to be afraid to open my heart for fear it would be hurt, but the more I heal and the more I understand it is far more beautiful and joyous to open my heart and send love outwards. I have found a way to love myself and accept myself completely and now it is time for me to find a way to accept the world as it is in all its naked glory. The world can be a painful place to be at times but that is when we grow and learn we expand into something far more beautiful when our hearts are open and our minds are living in the moment. We grow when we allow things to happen as we silently observe and focus on positive energy to rise and over come the negative. WE have the power to change what we see when we stop feeding the negative beast.

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