A Knew Day Rising by A. Klesath

How do I paint a picture of the world I see inside my mind? A world that paints dragonflies upon every inch of my body. When the sun rises to touch my skin the warmth of her embrace will cause them to tremble and shake as they find their way to the light.

How do I explain the world in which I live inside my soul, which rises with each morning filled with hope? My eyes as they shutter and shake, finding my way from dreams to wake, the light touching my skin causing me to shiver and quake.

Beauty surrounds me every moment of every day and yet there are days when I find a darkness descending. A change is coming as the death of the ego’s reign comes to an end. A balance must come for love and ego to find a way to co-create and cooperate in a world full of lies, control, and deceit. It is time for the collective consciousness to awaken and find hope.

It is time to allow love to decide which direction to take. It is time to end the contractual love we have known for so long. The contracts must be broken the ones we called love. Our definition of love bound and controlled us as we believed that what you do for me is my definition of love, how you make me feel is my measurement of love. Contractual love binds us, making us believe that how and what you do for me to make me feel special is true love,  but real, honest love is open and expanding as it  grows and ascends. It is a love that is filled with forgiveness, understanding; with no judgment as to what or who is right or wrong.

Each person is connected but each perception is different with each set of eyes. We stand in different places and have experienced different conceptions as we arrived at unique destinations. Each place we have stood creates a new understanding and the truth of each should not be dictated by one but given space to grow and expand as each person is unique and each experience is for the one not the other, to be shared and let go if one does not comprehend the other.

Ego must take a bow and step back, not as an evil thing that must be destroyed but as something that needs to be loved like a child who needs guidance to a new day rising.

The collective consciousness is awaking, I can feel it in my bones as fear gives way to love; I find a peace I never knew existed. I was born in a time of upheaval and love and am finally finding my way home.

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