Who am I? By A. Klesath


I am light, I am dark

I am hate, I am love

I heal, I destroy

I cannot breathe without my shadow

without you there is no me and without me there is no you

I judge with a vengeance

I fight with a fierceness

I will patch you when you bleed

I will hold you when you cry

I will withhold my love for you

I will deny the truth when it is staring me in the face

I close my eyes.

But when I deny you, I deny me

 I judge you, I judge me

When I fall, you fall

When you fail, I fail.

In darkness, I laugh at your weakness as I deny my own.

When I look in the mirror, I see you looking back at me.

I judge all your flaws, failing to understand what I see in you is a reflection of me.

There is one me, which is you.

Separation is an illusion the ego created.

I am you and you are me

and no matter how hard we push and pull there is no way to break the mold.

We always try

but when I destroy you, I destroy me

When I pull you up, I pull myself up

When I love you, I love me

When I accept all of you, I accept all of me

When I embrace you, I embrace me.

We are currently standing at the precipice of our own demise

we are breaking at the seams,

as we sleep inside a transparent dream of our own making.

 We awaken,

when we pick each other up, not pull each other down.

We rise to a new level when we love all of our beauty and flaws.

None of us gets out of this life without falling down, without making mistakes

We are human

A perfectly balanced creation.

Who am I, is you

Who are you, is me

That is how we become free.

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