Blinders Removed by A. Klesath

My eyes torn open to the truth, as lies fall like leaves in the breeze.

I can’t go back from whence I came,

deeply imbedded they fall,

flowing gently as salty water.

This world, this world, how could I have not seen?

Bending down to earth, I wait,

forehead touching softness smelling the sweetness,

so familiar,

sensations of the child awakens.

I hold the grass, reassuring me I cannot fall, cannot fail.

Looking up towards her majesty, barren of leaves,

yet somehow knowing the warmth will come


She stands so strong, so old, so wise

Her head held up to the sun, waiting for the warmth to embrace her soul


The sun always rises, the seeds will come, spreading colors across the earth.

Empty of all the lies, rising up to her beauty, she tells me to have faith.

The warm breeze crosses my skin awakening my spirit.

The truth is in the trees, the breeze, and the sun

not the media and all its lies that come from a man made machine,

My bare feet feel the coolness of her, reminding me of a past long forgotten.

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