I Wish By A. Klesath

I Wish a million things and I then again I wish for nothing-

I stand in darkness and I see the light through shadows cast upon the wall,

in the dark I can see a million things and then again nothing.

I wish for the blind to see-

Once upon a time I saw the light, I floated in it and become one with everything and nothing. I understood everything and knew nothing. I never wanted to leave that light that enveloped my soul holding me close. Eventually I heard the music of the universe and was a part of it. Despite my pleadings I came back to the denseness and heaviness of this world which was almost too much to bare; however, the memory of where I came from lingered and moved me forward.

I wish for realizations of what is important to touch every soul long enough to make a difference; to awaken consciousness, to insight a revolution, like no other; with no harm, no death, no tears just a great awakening that will envelope each soul in a warm glowing light that spreads a love like no other.

Once upon a time I could feel the love rise up from the ground starting with my toes and rising slowly up to my heart. The power of this love caused me to sit briefly on the ground to catch my breath, it awakened in me a memory I nearly forgot, a memory of a home before the dark density.

I wish for peace inside each and every soul a grand remembrance of time long forgot which will spread light across the darkness and awaken a memory that insights the truth.

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