Enough is Enough by A. Klesath


If I have to hear one more time that someone I love or know has taken their life, I am fairly sure I will break. I am so tired of hearing that if we just make more laws there will be less murder and suicide this is so untrue it has reached its own insanity point. Weapons are not the problem, a healthy, happy, loved person will not take their life or any other.

The issue is all of us; and the for-profit health care. Insurance companies and medical providers make profits off of physical and mental health and that is so disgusting I can’t even stand to say I am part of this civilized world. There are so many people in this world who take their life every day and you want to know the number one reason; they can’t afford to get help!

So, when we are standing on our high horse shouting for more laws and that there ought to be something done we better be looking in the mirror! People are ashamed to ask for help and when and if they do well cough up $125 per hour and don’t even bother trying to buy any type of medication since if you don’t have an excellent insurance plan you won’t afford it. Oh but you say there are clinics and sliding scales! Not in every town and that sliding scale is a joke in most cases.

Why when someone needs help would they even have to worry about money; oh yes I can help you, just give me $125 per hour and I won’t bother talking to you any more than that one hour. See you next week!

Please wake up and smell the collective consciousness! We are failing at the one thing humanity needs to survive and that is helping each other, picking each other up when we fall. And don’t argue that its the left side or the right, please; enough with that bullshit.

We all suffer from depression at least once in our lives and that pain can be so intense that the only way out is to take yourself out of the equation. Does that not seem wrong to every human being on earth?

I have lost people in my life who were exceptionally brilliant, artistic, funny, and loved and yet they chose to leave this world because they believed there was no other choice.

I have known my whole life that there is something seriously wrong with this system and have sat by feeling utterly helpless. I am done and so for now,  I am putting it out to the universe and to anyone who is willing to participate to start a mental health revolution. I want to see the world working towards taking active steps to make a difference, a huge difference towards helping people climb out of the dark hole of depression and see the light.

I want anyone who needs help to be able to walk into a facility in any town and say I need help and no one, not one person will say “Oh please fill out this paperwork and give my some money.”

Don’t tell me there aren’t enough resources or there isn’t enough money or ask why you should pay for someone else’s issue. I know that the large majority of people in this world have either suffered from mental illness or know someone who has struggled Those who feel that they are above it, well so be it, but how many people have to die before we wake up?

I want everyone of us to be able to seek the help we need without worry of shame or lack of money. I will not stop moving towards a way to make the world a place where a mother doesn’t have to bury a child because they could not get the help they needed. Enough is enough!


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