Whispering Nonsense in Dream by A. Klesath

One word like butter on toast,

make no mistake,

the butter sits still and silent.

pick up the knife and cut deep into the cream.

It’s in the night, we trip and slip into the abyss,

silently tossing and turning;

gathering thoughts as momentum.

Want without fright, creates a blank canvas,

in the breeze we squeeze paint and dance across the night.

A silver starlight appears, first as a twinkle,

then splash, it casts light against a brick wall.

In no time we climb to the top; the view spectacular!

Don’t fear the fall!

We finally slip and trip there are wings beneath our feet.

In this dream, we catch our breath, a cloud smoothly appears.

From my toes to the tip of my nose I know it is the heart safe

The unknown is where to begin,

hidden away on a warm sunny day rising again she comes to dance.

The more I can relate at the gate the more I negotiate; the more I let go, the more I know.

Tic-toc goes the imaginary clock casting shadows where none at all.

blindfolded I see vastness; unadulterated.

We drop a spoon around the moon and awaken soon!

Eyes slowly creeping, a virus upon us, not to define and confine us,

madness to escape.

Like a whisper in a dream, we awaken with a scream.

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