Step Back by A. Klesath

Fingers trail along the water’s edge.

Gentle reflection.

what is above, what is below

Brown eyes reflecting back at me

Who are you?

I can’t see what is in front of me;

but I know what is behind.

building from the moment I was born

 a rumbling, spinning vortex rising out of chaos,

inevitable in its reckoning.

It will cause those sleeping to awake,

Craziness all around

as ignorance and ego intermingle

one last dance.

Lines and divisions created as the ripples slowly reach the water’s edge.

Who will you be?

Whose side will you choose?

Slowly breathing in and out as the tide rises covering the earth.

Blindly, I close my eyes just one last time.

To find the strength that has always been within as well as without

Brown eyes reflecting back at me

Ego and ignorance

Battle for control against

Logic and reason

No way to stop a fast moving train,

even when you can see the brakes, hands will not reach.

Eyes which fail to see cannot survive as hearts come back to life

Who will I be?

Whose side will I choose?

I remain in the middle; fingers trailing.

As Earth begins its gentle warning

If you don’t know what path was taken to get you where you are,

you will fail to move when the rumbling begins.



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