The World Needs . . . By A. Klesath

The world needs kindness, compassion and love. We say we are kind, but only to those who believe what we believe or have something we need. We say we have compassion, but only for those who we believe are worthy. We love those who give us what we believe we need. We don’t understand kindness for others reflects kindness for ourselves.

In this world it seems like we must really hate ourselves as we stare at screens all day; telling us what to think and how to feel about anything and everything. If someone from another planet judged us by what was on those screens they would think we go around killing each other at the slightest provocation and have no ability to communicate our differences in a kind and loving manner.

I dare you to look up from your screen and see the person standing next to you. I dare you to speak to them and find out who they are as a person and to do this without judgment and without assumptions. I dare you to not be offended and to see them as another person standing there who has experienced a different reality than you and may have something to teach you. To know and understand that we all come from a different perspective and have the desire to love and be loved is the universal message taught throughout history.

The screens we seem to rely on so much are destroying us and we don’t even know it. Oppression of a people is not sudden, it is subtle, it happens gradually through language though slow forms of manipulation that begin to sink deep into a persons soul until it boils up from within and strikes a people till they are down. How does this happen? How has it happened over and over century after century and we are none the wiser? It happens as we lay sleepily staring at a screen that tells us what to think, and how to feel day after day.

Compassion is similar to kindness in that it allows us to accept and be a calming presence to those around us and begins within ourselves. We make mistakes on a day to day basis and we get angry with our selves and either acknowledge this anger or reflect it onto another person and say it was their fault. We judge daily and allow the judgment to rise up from within and create hate and discontent. Compassion means kindness. It means being kind to ourselves for what we believe to be short comings. It means learning the lesson and not beating ourselves up. It means rising up, wiping the dirt off our pants and continue walking, knowing that the rock we tripped over may rise up again, but we are okay. We realize also that those who trip and fall are also okay and we send them love that rises from our heart center with no preconceived notions that they need to give us anything in return.

Lets speak of love, a four letter word that has gotten all turned around, mainly due to the screen we stare at on a day to day basis. We say we love our car, our job, our house, we say we love our family in the same breath; but how can this be true? Love for an object is temporary when the car breaks down we suddenly hate that car and when a loved one does something we disagree with do we hate them as well? Love in our world is freely given and so easily taken away. So I say that is not love and until we understand that love means always being kind and compassionate even when we don’t want to. It means that we all make mistakes and we have to learn to be kind to ourselves as well as others when we or they make mistakes. We need to have to learn to agree to disagree, to be kind regardless of what the other believes and love no matter what. We live in a world so full of hatred and violence, but most of it comes from the screen that can be shut off. We are able to separate the power it has over us to the extent that this impending doom we all feel can be healed.

There are nearly 9 billion people in this world and yes many are suffering so instead of reading or watching it on the screen look outside yourself, past the screen, and offer kindness, compassion, and love; you will be surprised with the miracle that will happen.

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