Puppets and Fears by A. Klesath

Chaos through Fear

Power through Manipulation

It all begins on one station.

Through a material clan destination

and some strange manifestation.

The grand master was born carrying all the keys,

trying willfully to bring us to our knees.

The sinister grin, as he told us we were made from sin.

Force us to look one way while much to our chagrin.

Pestilence and disease, that always puts you at ease

Always the same, in each nation use the masses to control through alienation.

“Knowledge is key,” someone once said to me.

I see now as I slowly turn towards that unforgivable grin.

I know now, exactly where I begin.

I am no slave, yet I have learned just how to behave.

Gently lull us back to sleep, if we some how make a peep

Use noise and lights

create division through subtlety and night vision.

Control the masses through those wide sun glasses.

Over and over the story goes!

Change one thing here, another thing there

Create confusion and always be one step ahead

Watch them squirm, you sinister worm!

Create mass discontentment, watch them rise up,

but only as much as you like, right?

Make sure to keep them with very little light.

Grand master I can hear your heart beat; out of touch and out of rhythm.

You failed to understand, as you created your schism,

 you still believe you can win,

Save yourself from all your sin?

“Ha ha,” said the joker when you thought you brought him to his knees

“I have you exactly where I need you to be!”

In order to be set free

Homeostasis, in all the right places

Keep them separate, keep them divided, and don’t forget to entertain

If not, well, call them insane!

Yet, you made one big mistake, you big giant snake!

Did you make sure they were all strapped in?

Medicated and always sedated?

Transformation begins at tolerance as the medications wear off the eyes open.

The bigger picture is about to start, so strap yourself in my friend, we will soon begin

I know for certain I was not born of sin

no shame in me, you see, I have discovered how to set myself free

I may not be able to leave my cell, but I still have free will

My blinders are off and my gloves are on

I can’t fight the way you do, through lies and deceit

I will fight with kindness and light

You still believe you have all the power?

You failed one thing, you sad little coward.

the connection to all things

Soon you will hide, slithering behind the curtain

the house lights will come on and you will have no where left to turn

For that I am certain!

So go ahead, up the ante, bring in the smoke and mirrors and fill us with fears.

 I have played this game before and you have kicked me to the floor

over and over till I cannot be afraid any more.

Have you been keeping score?

Seems to me you have one play left, what will it be?

Or will you finally realize that we will soon be set free?

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