Part of the Machine by A. Klesath

I once believed we were the care takers of the earth, but now I see we are the screaming, squalling babies; the rocks, trees and animals are our parents. We can’t live without them, yet we choose to dirty our food, destroy our air, and piss in our water bowls. It seems to me we are nothing but spoiled rotten children, making a mess of our play room.

We need to stop demanding the powers that be to do something. That is merely what a child would do and it fails to take initiate and pushes blame somewhere else. Sadly, our answer to all of this is to sit in our manufactured world having our brains slowly destroyed by technology.

We believe the powers that be hold all the cards. However, they do not have our best interests at heart; they have their wallets held close to their hearts. It’s all about the Benjamins as they say. It’s all about the money. Money is the root of all evil, but the evil begins with our idea that the only way to make the world go round is to throw money at it and if all else fails bury our heads.

Well its time to wake up from our nap! The earth is our home and our connection to it is vital. Living in a city makes it difficult to see the ground beneath our feet. We traded trees for skyscrapers and concrete. Well as far as I know those things; we can’t eat.

So go ahead and vote for the next pedigree created by lies and deceit. Throw our hopes and their dreams into the pot and see what happens. Because as far as I can see not one of them has said the truth. The truth that greed is what is destroying us as we hold our hands out for more.

Do you want to know the truth? Can you handle the truth? Our dependance on them is terribly obvious the cloths on our backs, the food in our bellies, the water we drink all depends on the powers that be, because you see, we gave them the key, the key to the collective garden. Somewhere along the line we gave up our inheritance and our ability to feed ourselves for pretty jewels and promises. But they did such a good job, with all the pretty lights and whistles, and the promise that if we work real hard at a desk we will be happy. But are we happy, disconnected so far from earth?

Some how we have to get back to the earth; our connection to her is paramount. Without her nothing exists. The most difficult thing is how do we let go? How do we let go of the machine we have been connected to for so long? We can’t breath without clean air, we can’t live without clean water, we can’t build a shelter without the forest. More importantly, how do we live without oil? Is it even remotely possible to give up oil? Oil is the machine. The answer to our problem is letting go of our dependance on oil and how do we do that? Everything we have to survive is directly linked to a machine driven by oil. Any ideas on how we break free?

Baby steps, simply put baby steps. We slowly wake up and gently, ever so gently so as not to wake the beast; we begin again. We let go of pretty shiny things first, then we open the door to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, letting go the chains of an education system that stifles the imagination. Allowing one to say an idea that may sound out of proportion to what we think to be true and separate the idea that money is what makes things. The truth is, human minds, hands, and sweat are what makes things happen.

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