Media is the virus by A. Klesath

If your fear of death gets in the way of your love of life, then what the hell is the point?

The Media is the fear mongering virus that crawls into our skin and gains momentum with each passing word.

Live, dammit!

When they (meaning us) make it so we are afraid to breath then we have no control.

Life is dangerous, it always has been, it always will be.

So be cautious, be wary, but don’t stop living, don’t hide from life because you are afraid.

Living is not the dangerous part, it is the fear of what will come around the corner, it is the fear of the monster under the bed, that is the real danger.

If a monster is chasing you then run or fight. If the monster is not under the bed (after you check), then laugh and be happy.

Take your power back and savor every moment you got because death is inevitable and living is all we have at this present moment.

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